Bewildered tree

She awoke with the distinct desire to depart to parts heretofore unexplored. In attempting to decide on a route, she found herself with a particular consternation in relation to the disturbing enumeration of denizens which would surely bespeckle all passages weaving within the city, and therefore she chose to move herself in a contradictory manner, with the intention of finding a far more barren, and thus far more tranquil, and thus far more pleasant, path. And so the country roads it would be, most certainly, the southernly way beckoning with a murmur so gentle that her heartbeat slowed to a tempo bestowed with the soft evenness of a trickling stream.

Unfortunately, she had made an error in reasoning and would soon find herself surrounded amidst a thicket of bother. She found herself entangled and entwined, this pestilence leaching any happiness from her, herself swatting at them and running past, tripping into the bramble with embarrassment and shame, and still they came, these intruders upon her day, this cancer of peopled particulate, they scratched at her and bit, again she tripped, and that, she thought, is it. Before her and behind, dropping from trees and dragging themselves from the ponds which lapped against the path along which she traveled, they immersed her in a torrent of torment, herself subsumed entirely, her heart now fluttering with the prestissimo of a hummingbird’s wings.

This was not what she had designed for her day and she felt infuriated with herself for her frustration and this irrational irritation inspired by such an immensity of instigation as these flocks of vexation had brought to what was intended to be the quietest and easiest of times. How her disdain rained upon the ground as she traveled above it, rivulets of derision running from her brow to where her distress had begun foaming at the corners of her mouth, her eyes rolling towards the sky, her heartbeat piercing her chest repeatedly with the needling staccato sharpness of these wearyingly wasping wanderers.

Eventually she would come to the outskirts of a small town and the horde had seemed to thin itself to a vanishing, appearances unapparent, a stillness and calm had fallen around her, the trees whispering wants to the wind, the fields stretching out in all directions in rows of crops absurd, the warmth of the air rising to meet her as the previous night evaporated from the earth, the sensible meaningless of it, a reality as ridiculous as it was serene. She climbed up onto a gate which had found footing in an expanse of fencing which enclosed a dying tree, its branches reaching without leaf towards a sky ignorant of its plight, a solitary breath winding its way across the hilltops towards an inevitable demise. She swayed on the metal lattice, rocking back and forth as she surveyed this scene, her heart melting at the sight of it, beats skipped as she murmured pleasantries in a winged solemnity and solidarity towards this stricken thing, it finding nothing within itself to return to her, and instead reaching once more, its heartbeat now a lost thing, adagio, largo, and on unto the grave.

She ran away from it all, back along the path, back the way she came, across wooden bridges held together with a perplexity of wishes, countless numbers of them, crossing this way and that as a stream made its way towards its freedom, another reminder of her seizure by the fits within her, shaking the memories from her as she ran, her fingers peeling away the claws from her arms as they grasped at her, her hair tangled in the thought of them, their beauty, their ease, their worthiness. She stumbled through her door and fell to the floor, weeping tears of gratitude for the lock as it bolted her in once more, the silence tumbling upon her like light from the sun, herself but a shadow replete with heartbeat, and she wept, and she swore to never alight upon such a desire again, tomorrow but a memory yet manufactured, a potential best left unexplored, and she lost herself to her fanciful folly, her cheek to the carpet, her mind lost to the idea of dwelling within itself forever more.