September 22nd, 2019

  1. Saiko Otake


    Palm-of-the-Hand Drawings

    I visualized 8 short stories which contained in “Palm-of-the-Hand Stories” by a Japanese novelist, Yasunari Kawabata.
    I expressed his unique, gloomy, melancholy and fantasy stories.

  2. Adrift


    Long accustomed to a life of self-indulgent solitude, he began to yearn for the beauty of giving himself to others. The nobility of the word sacrifice became clear to him. He took satisfaction in the feeling of his own littleness as a single seed whose purpose was to carry forward from the past to the future the life of the species called humanity. He even sympathized with the thought that the human species, together with the various kinds of minerals and plants, was no more than a small pillar that helped support a single vast organism adrift in the cosmos—and with the thought that it was no more precious than the other animals and plants.

    Yasunari Kawabata, The Sparrow’s Matchmaking_, Palm-of-the-Hand StoriesStories, translated by Lane Dunlop

  3. Facing


    His wife’s younger sister, her eyes clear with an unearthly beauty, looked into his eyes, which were tinged with madness. Then she, too, burst into tears.

    Yasunari Kawabata, The Incident of the Dead Face, Palm-of-the-Hand Stories, translated by J. Martin Holman

  4. Creaking


    There is a body of water in Yellowstone National Park called ‘Riddle Lake’ and draining from it—into nearby Yellowstone Lake—is a gently-flowing stream named ‘Solution Creek’.