This silly site is built using Pelican, created with TextMate & CodeKit, and served by NGINX running on Debian at DigitalOcean. Writing is done in Byword or micro and typically marked-up with Textile. Responsive imagery is generated and moved to S3 with a little desktop tool that I made with Qt for Python.

Photographs are captured onto black and white film with a beloved 1960s Diana No. 151 camera. The exposed rolls are processed in the kitchen sink with HC-110 developer1, EcoPro stop & fixer, Kodak Photo-Flo (an unsung hero), and hung in the shower to dry. The resulting negatives are scanned with an Epson Perfection V750 Pro controlled by the wonderful VueScan; the inevitable dust is removed in Photoshop; any adjustments are made in Lightroom Classic; and then the raw digital remnants are sent off to BackBlaze while the film is sleeved in a plastic sheet, clipped into a binder, and shoved onto the shelf behind me.

My beloved Diana No. 151 camera

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1 HC-110 is mixed for one-shot at Dilution H (~1:63) as this solution often provides fondness via longer development times and a far more gentle process.