With regards to nothingness:

These silly pages were assembled and published with a static site generator happily written in Crystal. Responsive imagery for this ridiculousness is generated and moved to object storage with a quaint little desktop application built with Qt for Python. As of late, code and markup is authored with Atom, writing is done in Byword, and individual posts are created with micro. This nonsense is served by NGINX running on Debian at DigitalOcean.

With infinitesimally few exceptions, the photographs were captured onto black & white film with a cherished 1960s Diana No. 151 camera. The exposed rolls are processed in the kitchen sink and hung from the shower rod to dry. The dried and derived negatives are scanned with an Epson Perfection V750 Pro controlled by the wonderful VueScan; the inevitable dust is removed in Photoshop; any adjustments are made in Lightroom Classic; and then the film is sleeved in a plastic sheet, clipped into a binder, and shoved onto the shelf behind me.

My beloved Diana No. 151 camera

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