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  1. Bright Abstraction


    Casablanca’s Gift to Marrakech and the Birth of Morocco’s Modern Art Movement by Maya Jaggi

    Fifty years ago, in the Atlas mountain city of Marrakech, a group of leading Moroccan artists hung their dazzlingly experimental abstract paintings in the Jemaa el-Fna, the great market square in the oasis city at the crossroads of Saharan trade routes … Their aim was to reach the “average person” in the square, “to awaken his curiosity, his critical spirit, to stimulate him so that he integrates new plastic expressions into the rhythm of his life, into his daily space”—expressions that included forms of geometric abstraction that chimed with both a transnational avant-garde movement and the tradition of popular arts within Morocco.

  2. Exhalation


    Ted Chiang: Realist of a Larger Reality by Jenn Stroud Rossmann

    Chiang’s work acknowledges and honors more than just the technical “hard science” of physics, chemistry, computer science. His “Story of Your Life,” which inspired the film Arrival, made immaterial concepts like determinism and empathy, along with the social science of linguistics, as critical as the technologies that enabled communication between natives of different planets. Chiang’s new collection, Exhalation, is as holistic as that earlier story; it’s a book filled with stories that draw on religion, anthropology, and psychology while exploring what-if technologies.

  3. A Diminishing Doeglic


    A leaf amidst branches

    Seemingly transparent, this order, though ubiquitous throughout. It is faulted in its omnipresence and thus disregarded contagiously: It is the performance of disease which dances upon a stage: So happily it infects and corrosively contaminates, itself spreading lovelies and mirth, a welcome visitor to this softly sterile abode.

    Oh, how long we have waited for Pleasantry’s embrace? The fingers ever pointing to a distant tower, the castle atop of which a flag cowers as it waves: that slowly moving reminder of the impossibility of this circumstance, a wholesome charade at a party’s last teem. For it is assuredly worth this wait, a patient toil among the scavengers, the daily bread stale yet themselves forever grateful, regarding such scrap as a most meaningful reward, they say it: “Farewell.”

    And so it seems—as it appears—the visage bright and recognizable, the smile known to me as love and radiance, it blossoming from the stagnation and blight, bringing with it a blessed respite and a moment’s peace to a stirred state. Is it ever a pleasing tale, a fortunate closing complete with a happy end? Or is this another time, one lacking the Conjurer’s conviction and thus sending the spirit spiraling down once again, into the maelstrom, a deadly descent into all that is distracted, to posit ‘protracted’, perhaps?

    She was caught staring down the hallway, vacant and serene, and so she was quickly found guilty and hung from a tree: Therefore, at dawn, one sees her body slowly spinning from a limb, her own limbs now daintily dangling, lifeless and free.

    A leaf dangling from a branch
  4. Falling Fruit


    Map the urban harvest!

    Falling Fruit is a celebration of the overlooked culinary bounty of our city streets. By quantifying this resource on an interactive map, we hope to facilitate intimate connections between people, food, and the natural organisms growing in our neighborhoods. Not just a free lunch! Foraging in the 21st century is an opportunity for urban exploration, to fight the scourge of stained sidewalks, and to reconnect with the botanical origins of food.